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About Efrontier

FUSION SYSTEMS is a evolutionary product that tightly integrates with the Freight, Warehouse, SOC, Trade and Finance. Logistics service providers will be empowered to provide visibility of services and enable global usability. By converging on a proven infrastructure, the physical and geographical barrier of control and operation are virtually eliminated.

Who we are – Commencing business operations in 2004, Efrontier initially had its roots on system integration, later evolving into software consulting. Thus with both expertise on Integration and Software development we eventually evolved to what we knew best, which was in creating viable products that served the needs of both the Logistics and trading Markets. Besides our ongoing work on consultancy, which includes projects such as;

* KiddyPalace – B2B website – with Data Centre Management
* Singtel-auto Rebating system for their SLA customers,
* Vicom Ltd-VAC online vehicle repair system,
* Tankstore ERP,
* Semgas-ERP,
* OlamNet-Clustering and Network infrastructure,
* Intraco Ltd-Cold fusion web server Clustering.

Our Vision

At Efrontier solutions, our vision is to deliver high quality, high tech, reliable, relevant and professional services to our customers at an affordable price.
Our aim is to provide enterprises the right tools that enable them to be more efficient and productive.

Our Mission

Spearhead Efficiency through change
Be the preferred strategic partner for corporations in maximizing return on their technology Investments
Be the choice provider on software solutions to corporations
Transform Efrontier into a regional brand

Our Purpose

To empower employees through continued education and training
To create opportunities to a larger community of talented individuals with the right talent and desire to achieve excellence.

Our Core Values

High Intrigrity and going beyond the call of duty
Build lasting relationships with clients that last
Open and Timely Delivery of Solutions and Services
To exceed clients expectations

Our Culture

An open culture where staff trust and respect each other; embrace change and seek ways to innovate; learn and work together as a team.


To our Members

We care for our members, recognize their importance, and strive to raise the prestige of their membership.

To our Customers

We value our customers and commit ourselves to actively improve our services and products.

To our Employees

We care for our people by creating a conducive work environment, helping them to balance family and work commitments, recognizing their contributions, and developing them to their full potential.

To our Community

We honour our social obligations and pledge to be a good corporate citizen by always acting professionally and ethically in all matters.

Our Quality Policy

We are dedicated to continuously improve our services and to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers.

Why Choose Us – The right Choice

Domain Expertise.
Majority of our key executive’s have over 15 years of Logistics and supply chain domain expertise together with a strong hardware & software consultancy background.

eFrontier takes a strong domain centric approach in building our products. In our simplified and useable design, we bring together an integration of both the Air and Sea operations into a single interface set. The complicated multi-task of a logistics provider is now a clear definable workflow limiting the human errors and the repetitive tasks.

By leveraging in the latest technology which provides a very powerful tool which addresses all current and future needs of the client. Constantly delivering new training methods to reduce training costs & time needed.

Free Product Upgrades.
If you have us a good idea to improve our products we will include the feature at no costs. Thus we constantly listen to our customers

Easy to use Products.
The key to our FUSION SYSTEMS design is the ease of use. The modules can work individually and can also integrate with other suite of products to fit any Logistics service providers’ needs. Whether your business has 2 or 100 users, Efrontier has a professional yet convenient solution that will suit your needs.